Who We Are

Everyone you meet working at The Fit Hub is an Herbalife Health Coach.  We are trained in helping you get amazing health results such as losing weight or gaining muscle.  We have helped countless people change their bodies and their lives through the power of good nutrition, you can be next!  

Our Mission

For years we've been causing positive health results in the community of Rochelle Illinois through our fast and convenient healthy meal options and free workout classes.  Our mission is to help Rochelle become a more healthy active community, and to help the residents of Rochelle Illinois be in control of their weight, physique, and athletic performance.  We are here to make this town an amazing place to live and an easy place to stay healthy.  

Our Free Fitness Classes

We offer a variety of classes to give you a completely free way to have a guided workout experience in Rochelle Illinois.  Group workouts are a fun way to stay active and help people achieve more than then could on their own.  We wanted to include everyone in this movement, which is why we removed all excuses and made it free of charge.  If you are looking for free group workout classes in Rochelle Illinois, this is it!

Who can attend?

All of the Free Fitness Classes at the Fit Hub are designed for people of all levels!  We have modifications for any move and can help you break a sweat no matter what your limitations might be.  

What are the Free Fitness Classes at The Fit Hub?

We offer the following classes...


Cardio Drumming - all you need is an exercise ball, a bucket, and a pair of drum sticks to get your sweat on!  this fun class is extremely low impact and a great cardio workout.  See the FREE FITNESS PAGE for the Schedule. 

Shred Tuesdays - This is a full body cardio workout guaranteed to help you shred the pounds!  Every session is a different workout all targeting weight loss.  If you are working in losing weight this is for you!  See the FREE FITNESS PAGE for the Schedule. 

Thrive Thursdays - This is a full body strength workout, designed to build muscle and tone your body!  If you are in weight loss mode or looking to tone up, this is for you!  See the FREE FITNESS PAGE for the Schedule. 

Kickboxing - get a killer calorie burn and have fun doing it!  This kickboxing workout will certainly help shed any excess weight, but is challenging enough for the fittest of us.  Taught by a USMC Veteran, you'll be happy you joined this!  See the FREE FITNESS PAGE for the Schedule. 

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